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tv   News  ABC  March 15, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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u.s. officials say the situation is catastrophic. a third reactor rocked by an explosion is now leaking high levels of radiation today. and a fourth caught on fire. >> now we are talking about levels that can impact a human health. i would like all of you to embrace the information calmly. >> japanese television echoed the warnings affecting 140,000 people in a 12-mile radius of the reauthors. 70,000 have evacuated. test sites are check people to see if they have been exposed to radiation. the japanese government asked the u.s. fork. >> clear help. more experts -- nuclear help. more experts are on their way. a house committee will begin discussions to repeal the death penalty in maryland joining 16 other states including the district of columbia as those who have done away completely with capital punishment. sherrie johnson joins us with details. >> reporter: charley, that hearing is scheduled for one
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today before the house judicialary committee to discuss repealing the death penalty. 16 other states and the district of columbia have already abolished capital punishment. this week illinois abolished the death penalty. ban is set to take effect later this year. it's possible maryland could follow suit and the commission on capital punishment conducted a study. they found the penalty has little deterrence and the legal proceedings add to the anguish of the victim's family. speak seeking the death penalty cost millions of dollars. critics say it is applied inconsistently across the state and prosecutors are more likely to pursue a death sentence if the victim is white. capital punishment is not a commonly used tool in maryland executing five prisoners sincethe 1970s. 6:31. time to check news around the nation. investigators are looking into what caused the crash of a luxury bus on the new jersey turnpike last night that killed a bus driver and passenger. the bus was traveling from new
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york city chinatown to philidelphia. the one-vehicle crash happened days after a casino bus headed to the chinatown neighborhood crashed on the new york highway killing 15 people on board. she is like a baby. you can't leave a baby at home. that's the one thing people don't understand. they see her as a animal. she is a 7 week old baby. >> atory is -- story going to make you -- the story going to make you go what? the woman walked in a courthouse with a monkey hidden in her bra. donna bruce calls the monkey her daughter and dresses her up in outfits. when asked how she was able to get through the courthouse security, a deputy joked, the monkey was not arm. it's unclear whether or not. but right now, they are trying to look into whether donna bruce broke the law by bringing themonkey to the courthouse. >> for me it was horrifying, it was like this -- this is not really happening. >> more prost animal revolution is real. a woman smacked by a dolphin
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when the 600 pounder jumped into her boat on the river. the naples woman says the dolphin grazed her head before hitting her on the ankle. it took firefighters and a group of 10 men to hoist the animal up using a board meant to stabilize spinal injury patients. that animal swam away with no problems but just a few scrapes and rips on the boat and banneddages and a warning that -- bandages and a warning they can take you out any time. here's a story sure make you mfty eyed. a navy dad from idaho decided to give his girl a surprise of a lifetime. after arriving home from year long tour over-- year long tour overseas he headed to her school to say hello. they had no idea who was going to walk through the door. [ music ] the land i love ♪ >> you think that song has special meaning to it? >> yes. >> i think it does. >> daddy.
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>> welcome back to the usa. >> thank you. >> great we can give daddy more hugs when we get home. >> do i have to get down? >> yes. >> now dad did spend sometime answering questions from the little girl's classmates. yes. >> you know i do. >> i know you do. you okay? >> yes. i love that. >> he is the ace of cakes. >> seth goldman gets into a new food and it will compliment the cake creations. and the man fed up with his credit card companies makes a statement when he pays off the bill. the unusual and incredibly frustrating way he paid it off. i am going to like this.
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now "good morning
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maryland." 6:37 right now. a consume air remember the to tell you about this morning. lean cuisine is recalling packageed meals because of red plastic pieces were found inside meat balls. you will want to know about this if you have it. nestle is recalling lean quiz seen simple favorites spaghetti with meat ball packages produced in a one hour period last october. nestle did not say pom people found plast nick food but say no injuries were reported. anyone who has the product should call the company a the number on the screen. 866-606-8264. baltimore cake man is diving into something that could be served with some of his gorgeous creations. he signed a deal with blue bunny to star his own line of ice cream. the flavors will of course be cake inspired and will be sold in baltimore starting this month. asa cakes is no longer on the air but he has he has tv shows in the works. better late than never. at least that is what facebook
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is hoping. the site is jumping on the ownline coupon service band wagon. site will start testing a service providing local discounts to members. this is similar to the massively popular sites like group op and living social. facebook will offer deals in major cities like san francisco, dallas and atlanta then they will decide if they should expand the program. already. we hate paying credit card bills but what if you could stick it to your bank when you give them the money you owe. a man in california did just that. he put 650,000 pennies in the back of a truck to pay off his 6500 dollar credit card bill. the man says he is upset with the bank over the refinance he couldn't get and the charges and the fees on the credit card i gave him more credit. i thought they were nickels. >> pennies. wow. >> pennies. >> not bad. >> i like that. riley like that. -- i really like that. coming, the last of a fighting generation and today,
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we have the opportunity to say our final good-bye. the last surviving world war i vet will be laid to rest in the nation's capital. and in a few months, we will be off to the races at pimlico. but who can you listen to before the race begins? the preakness infield act is anouned. spring is here. the cherry blossom festival is a week away. what organizers are hoping to do to raise money for japan. we have details on that just ahead. 6:40. it may not feel like spring this morning. we are down into the mid-30s. 35 in baltimore. york, pa at 23. hagerstown at 33. all after this little rain event which will probably hold off until tonight, we are going feel like spring for the rest of the week. we will talk about that coming. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: thanks. we are dealing with an injury accident in dundalk and looking at a slow ride on 95 heading towards the capital beltway. i will let you note best way to get around this plus more of your news, weather and traffic when "good morning maryland" returns after the break.
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this is your abc2 news to go. i will megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. et this let's kick things off with justin berk. >> 6:43 -- let's kick things off with justin berk. >> 6:43. i will visit the kid at friends meeting school. i want to let you know nearby, they had a beautiful day yesterday. the greens are turning green. and the sky is starting to turn blue yesterday. today will be the opposite with any little bit sun giving way to increasing clouds. 27 itemsville. 26 in ellicott city. 34 in dundalk and we are looking for a day that will be mostly dry thickening clouds and 52. we will talk about the rein arriving in a moment. who are's kim with traffic. >> reporter: it's been a busy start to the tuesday morning commute. looking live at 895 south of the 95 split, traffic is moving well. we had an accident right as you approached the harbor tunnel that had all lanes closed. they just reopened that. expect delays from the o'donnell street exit. an injury accident in dundalk
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at merit avenue and wise avenue. expect police, fire and ems on the scene. now back to you. >> thanks. fears of radiation grip japan as the situation goes from bad to worse. this after another explosion at a nuclear reactor. the news is unnerving to residents but also to people here with loved ones in japan wondering how the family members are doing. that's the case for a family in salisbury. but linda so is here to tell us they got good news this morning. >> reporter: we just learned that the woman from salisbury who was in galan when the sue -- japan when the tsunami hit is alive and safe. she was in a couple--- she was in japan in one of the areas hardest hit by the sue opy. she has been there since last august. she is a member of an organization that promotes teaching and improving relations overseas. she got her masters in japanese ling giftics at the university of what wie y -- lynn giftics
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at the university of what -- lynn giftics at the university of hawaii. a japanese official one firmed -- confirmed that water may be boiling. there is another explosion and fire at the fukushima power plant. dangerous levels of radiation leaking from the plant has forced japan's prime minister to order people to stay indoors. all this as death toll continues to rise. right now, the official number stand at 2475 with thousands still missing. a glimmer of good news. rescuers pulled a 70-year-old woman from the rubble four days after that tsunami hit. we have a lot of new information for you on the website at if you go to the website on the main page, in the alerts, we have more information on the woman found safe in japan. if you click on it, morings in on her whereabouts and what she was doing in japan when the earthquake hit. we put up two links for you. the first link has all the participants of the jet program
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who are said to be safe. ashleigh debo-rd is one of them. the second list goes to the red cross site listing the americans in japan at the time of the quake. it has an update on the condition either missing or fond alive. you can find that on the website at the good news is that woman from salisbury who is 25 and was in japan when the quake hit was a member of jet program, the program list her as being safe. good news for that family this morning. live in the interactive news center, linda so, abc2 news. new this morning, a clothing chain is offering $125,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the deaths -- of a death of one employee and the assault of another. 30-year-old jayna murray was killed in an attack by two mask men. she and a coworker had closed the store for the night but went back after one forgot
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something. police say murray was sexuallyassault before she was killed and her coworker was bound and sexually assaulted but survived. this morning, seven children in a fire in rule pennsylvania will be laid to rest. funeral services for the children who were in a farmhouse when it caught on fire will happen at len this morning. there's no word on what caused the fire last tuesday. the seven children who died of smoke inmahuh lation ranged from 7 months to 11 years old -- smoke inhalation ranged from 7-month-old to 11 years old. the community is outraged at a church is threatening to protest this morning's funeral. the westboro baptist church in kansas believes military casualties and other deaths are god's punishment and are doing this in response to u.s. policy. >> i don't like the idea and i think they might even be coming here. >> we had the strong community and we would probably ban together and walk there to
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support anybody, any soldier or any family member that needs news a viewing was held for the seven children last night. the youngest was 7-month-old and the oldest 11 years old westbor yoi has a history -- westboro has a history of not showing up. counter demonstrators are planning their rally but the family is asking them not to show up either. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton had a meeting in pairis with senior libyan opposition leader. a spokesman tightlipped saying only that it covered the ways the u.s. can assist the libyan people against qaddafi's regime. this are growing calls for allies to come in with military intervention. 6:49 right now. today dozens of protesters will be outside the baltimore city public school head quarters to protest state budget cuts. mob is hosting the event. 77 people so far have signed up. the rally is to protest proposed republican budget cuts to education. if you want to participate,
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that rally starts tonight at 5:30. today house commit -- the house committee will talk about whether maryland will do away with the death penalty. a hearing is schedule before the house judicialary committee. 16 states abolished capital punishment. illinois' ban will take effect later this year. students who are illegal immigrants are one step closer to getting tuition breaks. a bill providing in-state tuition for illoll immigrants -- the house is set to hold the hearing on the bill next week. tenments away from sen. if -- ten minutes away from seven. if you have children in a harford elementary school, changes will be coming this fall. members of the harford county board voted to redraw the boundary lines for 33 elementary schools in the county. every school will either gain
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or lose students. the initial proposal last year would have moved about 2800 students to new schools. the changes made over the past several months will mean about 1500 will be moving. students are in 4th grade now who are shated to move to a -- slated to move to a different school will be eligible to remain in their current school next fall. we don't have the name of the horses but we know the name of the stars for the preakness stakes. bruno mars and train will play on infield at preakness infield fest. maryland jockey club announced you can buy $20 souvenir mug and get free refills in three areas including a 160 foot beer garden in the infield and another at the top of the stretch section. preakness set to go on saturday, may 21st. nearly 100 years since japan gave cherry trees to washington as a gesture to
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friendship, the national park service is giving them back. they sent 1 had 4-- 1 # 4 clippings from the -- 144 clippings from the original trees. the exact location of the remaining 15 original trees is being kept quiet to prevent poaching. most of washington's cherry trees are expected to be in full bloom between march 29th and april 3rd. a festival spokeswoman says they are working on plans to to recognize the -- to recognize the tsunami tragedy at the festival. we know johns hopkins has amazing programs. but when it comes to the nursing program, nobody woo -- no one beats them. they have the number one nursing school in the country. multiple programs leading center that finish in the top 25 in the magazine's rankings. the final living serviceman who have served in world war i will be whoored today.
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frank buckle enlisted in the army at the age of 16 after lying about his age. the 110-year-old veteran passed away in his home last month. buckels will lie in honor at the arlington national cemetery chapel before a private enturnment. president obama has ordered u.s. flags to be lowered to half-staff in memory of mr. buckle. and today, wear. >> baltimore will learn plans about the the grand prix a news conference is set for 12:30 in federal hill. at&t executives will outline the plans to make upgrades in time for the big event. the series is expect to bring more than 100,000 people to downtown baltimore during the labor day weekend. well, baltimore is a city that reads. chicago is the windy city. new york the city that never sleeps. what's towson? that's for you to decidech the town is holding a competition to pick the first slogan. residents are asked to send in ideas, eight words or less to
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the towson chamber of commerce via e-mail by april 15th. community leaders will pick the winning catch phrase. the winner gets the $250 cash prize and the new slogan will be announced at the towson town spring festival. so if you are interested, enter your slowingan and contact info at towson now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> chilly morning at 6:54. look at warm stuff to the south. 48 charlotte and atlanta 59 in montgomery alabama. by the way, st. louis at 36 after picking up the two to six inch snowfall range across the area yesterday. there's the storm sitting across southern illinois. it worked cold air out as it spins out. but regenerates a new area of low pressure across northern sections of georgia. that will actually take some of the moderate rainfall in our direction. and we expect it to reach us by
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later on. most of the day will be dry. today there might be flight problems because of the mess in atlanta. a big hub for the east. needless to say, that stuff heads in our direction. we will be dealing with clouds that will lower and thicken throughout the day and give way to a cloudy afternoon. there's the rainfall. it's likely we get through most of the day dry. but once we head towards the evening, the rain moves in. tonight and tomorrow morning, we will see the rain steady and heavy at times. could drop a half inch and most comes during the morning and gets out by the afternoon. maybe some late clearing but a high we take warmer air and dry air. and we bring it in behind the storm. today, 52. the increasing clouds and most of the day will be dry. but take that umbrella. it will be a chance of showers late in the day. by this evening by dark, we get wet. and we stay wet all night long. temperatures down to 44. the steadiest heaviest rain towards daybreak tries to get out of here during the afternoon. we will will have a mild day after the morning wet start. 40 tomorrow night. how do you like 65 on thursday? if you don't like that, we can
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satisfy you with 76 on friday. great start into the weekend that will stay dry and mild mid- 60s saturday, 58 on sunday. kim. >> reporter: justin, we have had several problems this morning. even though the roads are dry, we are looking at an issue here. southbound 895 right at the beginning of the harbor tunnel tube, it appears the police have just closed the tube once again. we are dealing with an accident that was blocking the right lane. but they have been closing traffic off. the ambulance is leaving the scene of the incident right now. you can expect delays. traffic is beginning to slow at the 95 split. so allow yourself extra time. that or use 95 to take the fort mchenry tunnel instead of the harbor tunnel because it's going to be quite a backup. right now we have an injury accident in dundalk. that's going to be at mark boulevard and wise avenue. also getting reports of an accident southbound 95 at the pulaski highway entrance. that blocks the entrance ramp. now back to you guys. >> all right. it's 6:56. now to new york for "good
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morning, america." >> our news continues here on have a great morning. see you back here for the updates at 25 and 55. ♪ ♪ are you having any joy? ♪ what you getting out of living? ♪ ♪ what good is what you've got ♪ if you're not having any joy? ♪ ♪ are you having any laughs? ♪ are you getting any loving? ♪ ♪ if other people do, so can you ♪
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